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Our Services

Construction Services

We have helped a number of companies get the job done quicker. Don't let time-consuming activities such as site clean ups, demolition, set up and pack down, get in the way of you getting your job done.

What we offer :


Set Up

Clean Up

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Landscaping Services 

We offer a number of services for our clients - we focus on the heavy lifting so you can focus on the finer details that help you book that next big job.

What we offer :


Heavy Lifting

Tree Planting

Turf Laying (Assistance)

Material Moving

Paving (Assitance)

Why Choose Us?

At Helping Hand Labour we insure that:
Our staff are qualified for the job they are performing. 
Our staff oblige by safety protocols at all times. 
Our staff are fully insured (public liability and work cover).


Construction Worker
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